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DevOps Engineer


191 Bà Triệu, P. Lê Đại Hành, Q. Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

Posted date: 10-09-2020

  • Experience

    3 - 5 Years

  • Job level

    Experienced (Non - Manager)

  • Salary


Job Description

Division Purpose

  • The Transformation Office is responsible for execution of the bank’s transformation vision, strategy and roadmap of deliverables with a focus on digitalization of customer journeys.
  • The Transformation Office executes a portfolio of initiatives pre-dominantly through Agile Development (with some foundational initiatives aligned to the Waterfall project management methodology).
  • The Transformation Office houses expertise to support the execution of a portfolio of initiatives related to market segmentation, customer journeys, technology, data, risk management, change management, digital partnerships and capability development, a project management office amongst others.
  • The Transformation Office tracks and measures the progress of execution using modern portfolio management techniques (such as OKRs and TTIs) to ensure value is created for customers and the Bank.

Tribe Purpose

  • The Technology Tribe will support the business by building solutions required to deliver on the bank's digital strategy.
  • The Technology Tribe will advise and design solutions based on requirements from and feasibilities of other tribes, develop solutions based on the architecture blueprint while ensuring quality assurance throughout the development and execution of solutions.
  • The Technology Tribe will be equipped with forefront programming skills and knowledge of digital technologies so as to be able to provide innovative design solutions and advice on improvements needed to meet business needs.

Job Purpose

  • DevOps Engineer is a senior backend developer that can play two roles.
  • The job holder will assist to build and maintain The Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP), which represents the workflows, activities, and automation needed to shepherd a new piece of functionality from ideation to an on-demand release of value to the end user. The pipeline consists of four aspects: Continuous Exploration (CE), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), and Release on Demand.
  • The job holder will embed the security into DevOps and build a highly automated DevSecOps.
  • The job holder will assist in the design and development of server-side web applications by developing and maintaining functional and stable web applications to meet customer needs.
  • The job holder will also be involved in troubleshooting and debugging backend systems to support functionality of applications.

Key Relationships

  • Reports to DevOps Lead
  • Direct reports are none
  • Internal stakeholders include teams within the Transformation Office and relevant departments in the Bank
  • External stakeholders include partners providing professional services


DevOps Development

  • Build, map and optimize delivery of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP) by addressing key elements like: process time, lead time, delay time and percent of complete and accurate and visualize the progress of these process on kanban project.
  • Continuous Exploration (CE) – understand the market problem / customer need by analyzing and researching to identify the solution required to meet that need, from which suggest development of new features or modification from existing architectures, define and prioritize activities in the Program Backlog.
  • Continuous Integration (CI) – take features from the Program Backlog and implement them to deliver a completed work which is committed to version control, built and integrated into a full system or solution, and tested end-to-end before being validated in a staging environment.
  • Continuous Deployment (CD) - take the changes from the staging environment and deploy them to production.
  • Release on Demand (RoD) - make value available to customers all at once, or in a staggered fashion based market and business needs.

DevSecOps Development

  • Build, automate, enahnce and integrate threat modeling.
  • Build, automate, enahnce and integrate application security.
  • Build, automate, enahnce and integrate penetration testing.
  • Build, automate, enahnce and integrate continious security monitoring.

Software Development

  • Responsible for ensuring that the bank's digital platforms work well by managing back end site database, performance issues, security and that the server, application and database communicate with each other.
  • Responsible for collaborating with business tribes to understand the needs and technical requirement before building a web application.
  • Responsible for the server-side web application logic and integration with front-end codes.
  • Collaborate with Front End and Backend Developers to design more functional and cohesive codes to enhance DevOps / DevSecOps and customer experience.
  • Responsible for driving the application lifecycle with a key focus in coding and debugging of web applications based on feedback from testers and users.
  • Compile and analyze data, process and codes to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement.

Software Documentation

  • Work closely with tribe and squad members to translate business requirements into technical design documents.
  • Review and implement technical requirement documents by coding flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and guides for the program.

Job Requirement

Domain Expertise

  • 4 to 5 years of relevant experience in software development
  • Basic knowledge in backend web development using scripting languages / frameworks (Python, PHP, NodeJS, Java or Ruby)
  • Experience working with relational DBMS and SQL
  • Experience working in a source-controlled environment, such as Git or TFVC
  • Basic understanding of API design and implementation

Agile / Digital Experience

  • Understands Agile principles, practices and Scrum methodologies
  • Experience working in Agile teams to support digital transformation projects


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering or information technology

Personal Attributes

  • Passionate about improving efficiency and creates value by breaking down silos of technology operations and development
  • Works flexibly between teams to juggle fluid workloads and priorities
  • Able to make the right decisions quickly keeping in mind the big picture goals
  • Believes in non-hierarchical culture of collaboration, transparency and trust across the team

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  • Working time: Permanent

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191 Bà Triệu, P. Lê Đại Hành, Q. Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội


Company size: 10000

Contact person: Khối Quản Trị Nguồn Nhân Lực

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